Story Of Ola Driver And His Missing Son Has Heartwarming Twist In The End

Story Of Ola Driver And His Missing Son Has Heartwarming Twist In The End

Comedian Aditi Mittal’s Twitter thread on how her Ola cab driver found his missing son – and his heartwarming gesture afterwards – has struck a chord with Twitter users. In her now-viral Twitter thread, Ms Mittal revealed that she was travelling to an open mic event in Mumbai when she overheard her cab driver’s phone conversation.
“He was calling people, asking ‘tum log ne mere bacche ko dekha kya? Woh tum log ke saath hai kya?’ (Have you seen my child? Is he with you?),” Aditi Mittal revealed.

In call after call, she could overhear people at the other end answering in the negative. By that time, the cab driver’s three-year-old son had been missing for an hour, and his wife was hysterical with fear.

“I asked him where he lived, and if he wanted to go home and look for his kid instead of wasting his time ferrying me,” Ms Mittal said. The cab driver declined her offer, saying that he needed the fare he would earn through her ride. The comedian then offered to pay his fare in full before getting down to take an autorickshaw for the rest of the journey.

“But I couldn’t stop thinking about him,” she said. “I had heard him talk to his wife on the phone and she had been crying so hard, I could hear her in the backseat from his phone.”

Luckily, the missing three-year-old was found soon afterwards. While Ms Mittal was heading back from the event, she received a call from the cab driver informing her that his son had been found. “Apparently this three year old criminal had seen a Ganpati pandal and had wandered off with the procession, dancing and eating while his parents panicked,” she said.

But that’s not the end of this story. The next morning, Ms Mittal says, she woke up to the sound of her phone ringing. It was the cab driver, waiting at the spot where he had picked her up the day before with a box of handmade naariyal modaks – sweets that are traditionally prepared during the Ganpati festival in Maharashtra.

It transpired that the Ola driver, too, had overheard Ms Mittal’s conversation with a friend over the phone, during which she begged for homemade modaks.

“Jab aap phone pe baat kar rahe the, toh maine aapko kisi se naariyal modak maangte hue suna tha, toh maine mrs ko bola ki aapke liye bana de (when you were on the phone, I overheard you telling someone you wanted naariyal modak, so I told my wife to make some for you),” he told her.

The Twitter thread has gone viral with thousands of ‘likes’ since being shared on Sunday.

In the comments section, Ola asked for the driver’s details ” to pass on the compliments to our driver-partner as well.”